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Last Minute Deals on Winter Getaways

winter escapeIf you are hoping to go for a last-minute winter escape, but not entirely sure how to go about getting the best deal, a little research is in order. We are not talking about a grueling endeavor, poring over travel agency ads and sitting on hold for hours. Using the simplest of tools, you can save hundreds of dollars.

First off, making travel arrangements at the last minute can actually be cheaper. A lot of airlines are forced to drop prices drastically to fill empty seats. Secondly, necessity is the mother of invention.

If you are hoping to get out of town next week, you need to take a look into the services offered by a site like Travelocity. Using the site, you will find much cheaper tickets than if you went to an airline’s website directly. And certainly do not go to a travel agency, no matter what you do. Travel agents make their money off of their customers. If you are trying to save cash, do not hand them your money! In addition to Travelocity helping you find the cheapest flight, you can also find great deals on hotels and car rentals.

If you have found some great deals on Travelocity and need to take your savings a step further, look into some of the amazing deals you can find on Groupon. Recently, Groupon unveiled the service which offers thousands of discounts and coupons for hundreds of companies. For example, right now there are Travelocity coupons for 45% off flight and hotel packages. Not interested in flying and staying on land? You can also score up to 77% off a Norwegian Cruise Line trip. If you do not see exactly what you need right now, do not despair, as new coupons are added regularly. By bookmarking the Groupon page for Travelocity, you can keep an eye on the constantly updated page and find the coupons most applicable to your trip.

As you can see, doing just a little bit of homework will net you huge savings. It definitely pays off to read up a little if you are hoping to slip out on a last-minute trip.


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