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Does Your Insurance Cover Travelling

If you do a lot of travelling or are planning on travelling in the future then it is important to consider insurance. You need to think whether you need it to cover lost or stolen luggage or medical bills. This may depend on where you are travelling to of course. Consider each of your insurance policies and check whether you are getting the cover that you are expecting and need.

Life Insurance

It is important to make sure that your term life insurance still covers you if you die when you are abroad. There are some countries that are very risky to travel to and often an insurance policy will have a condition that if a person is in those particular countries it will not pay out if they die. This is because they are putting themselves at a large risk by travelling there. It is therefore important to check this and decide whether you want to take a risk, if you are not covered.

Health Insurance

Your health insurance will cover health care in the country that you live, but it may not cover any health care abroad. It is therefore worth taking a look to see exactly what you are covered for so that you can take out travel insurance if necessary. Even if you are not going abroad it can be worth making sure that there will be hospitals that will treat you in the states that you are travelling to.

Car Insurance

Car insurance may cover you for driving your own vehicle in your own country, but if you want to drive abroad you may need extra cover. Unless your insurance allows you to drive any car, then you will need cover for a hire car and you may need extra cover anyway if you are abroad as their rules may be different. Make sure you check as you could end up breaking the law otherwise.

Property Insurance

If your property is empty for more than a certain amount of time, then you may find that your property insurance does not cover your for theft or other damage. Check your policy as you may need to get a house sitter in order to make sure that you are covered.

So it is important to make sure that you understand exactly what the conditions are on your insurance, so that you know whether they will cover you when you are travelling.

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