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Amadea Resort and Villas in Seminyak

Amadea Hotel and Cottages is located on the “East Street” which is within a very close to the wonderful seaside. This attractive resort is ideal for those who wish to acquire the features of fine cusine dining places, seaside cafes, day hot tubs, boasting night areas and range of designer boutiques

Added destinations of the resort

Amadea Hotel and Cottages displays contemporary structure along with the taste of Indonesia integrated into its decor. Designed with the materials of local type, the property has seven personal pool rentals and 90 bed rooms. Every huge, well equipped space of this apartment is prepared with a refrigerator, in-room safe, DVD player, a lcd TV and involving within the package bathroom. Six two-bedroom rentals are there and one four-bedroom apartment which are completely prepared with services which has been planned for comfort not limiting the security. The contemporary design is outlined here through natural elements and stylish decorations. Air-conditioned lounges and bed rooms open straight to landscapes and personal regularly, while visitor may enjoy spare time, special party with friend or family or loving meals and in-villa spa services.

Backside of the resort

At the back of the accommodation, amazingly big lawn include a pair of two lap diving pools, which features three stunning ceiling top package having wooden outside of traditional style. The Amadea single bedded ceiling package is created Philippines wooden, assigned with shingles ceiling. The total area of the building is thirty two rectangle metres and a hundred and fifty rectangle metres is the statistic of the package which is located on the windy, cool ceiling of the apartment, utilized through a pathway filled with stone and enclosed by a wonderful lawn.

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