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Nepal And Its Tiger Tours

images (29)For nature lovers, the world is full of amazing locations where wonderful scenery and amazing creatures can be seen. Tiger tours are one of the most popular wildlife vacations on offer, thanks mainly to the popular places of the animal – but also because they open a screen onto some of the world’s best wild areas. While India is the most popular location for these trips, its neighbor Nepal should not be neglected. Starting on a wildlife-watching experience to this amazing nation is also an opportunity to understand about Nepali lifestyle and discover some of its most popular attractions. Read on to understand what is waiting for those who opt to take tiger tours to Nepal.

Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

If you have ever imagined of going into a true forests, Nepal’s Suklaphanta Wildlife reserve is a perfect location. Far off the beaten track at the west end of the nation, it involves over three hundred square kilometers of breathtaking jungles, grasslands and swamp lands, all overflowing life. An area of wealthy bio-diversity, the park is perfect for those wanting to see a wide range of creatures on their tiger tours. It is home to around 700 plant varieties, over 400 bird varieties – such as owls, horn bills, eagles and numerous water birds – and many amazing creatures, such as Indian Leopards, elephants and of course, the celebrity attraction: Bengal tigers. With several waterways streaming through it, the park is also numerous with amphibians and fishes, and is especially fulfilling for lovers of reptiles: you can see Bengal lizards, Indian Pythons¬†and Marsh Mugger Crocodiles, among other stunning varieties.

Bird-Watching At Phulchowki Mountain

With its lushly wooded lowlands and substantial Himalayan mountains, Nepal is a birder’s heaven, hosting around nine hundred varieties, such as the Spiny Babbler and¬†Wren-babbler. Bird-watching can be easily integrated into tiger tours at any Nationwide Park, but for those looking for somewhere unique for bird watching, Phulchowki mountain is perfect.

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