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Visiting Kerala In The Monsoon

Monsoon gives a Midas touch to the ‘God’s own country’. Aside from giving a great harvest and success, the rain decorate the stunning condition of Kerala with various natural colors and convert it into a cure for mind, body and spirit. It is one of the endowed states to get the monsoon on its appearance as well as on its leaving. Monsoon records for more than 80 % of the rain obtained by kerala and because almost all rivers in Kerala are fed by the rains, viewing the monsoon water flowing down the hills in the form of spectacular waterfalls and grand rivers gurgling through the valleys makes for a wonderful vision. The airfare is also attractive.

Monsoon is also the best period to experience what Kerala is best known for – its Ayurveda and restorative treatments. Since climate is enjoyable and the elements is free of dirt, the body becomes more responsive to the recovery process. Special Ayurveda rejuvenation packages and natural porridges are released to emphasize the restorative treatments. The Kerala govt organises various celebrations developed around food, songs and social activities particularly in monsoons to attract the worldwide as well domestic tourists. To top it all, even the rents and resort leases become much less expensive so that there is no touch on the wallet. Kerala provides variety of scenery by means of hills, backwaters and the seashores. The monsoon guarantees that every location provides a different and satisfying experience to the guests. Some things should be kept in your thoughts before you go out for your monsoon holiday to Kerala. Carry raincoats and umbrellas. Package artificial outfits, since they dry easily, and rain-proof shoes. A healthcare kit with some medications is a must in your baggage. If you are preparing to go for travel, bring salt to avoid leeches getting trapped on your skin. Carry a insect resilient and rest completely dressed.

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