How to Stand out in a Crowded Marketplace

How to Stand out in a Crowded Marketplace

How to Be Black With White Stripes

Have you ever felt that your business is like a needle in a haystack? You know the feeling: you do a Google search about your business–let’s say website designing –and a bajillion other competing businesses show up. Yours is like on page 200. F*#k.

Or when you’re at networking events and you have collected ten other business cards that do the same work as you? Deflating.

Or how about in your own “back yard?” Every coffee shop, café, and health food market you’re in there are a thousand and one flyers that look like your flyer–that is, if you can even find your flyer because all those other bastards thumb-tacked over yours. Disheartening.

In my little city, there are over 30 hair salons in a two-mile radius. On every block there is a website design studio and art studio; every other building is a café. Who do I choose?

The point: how do you distinguish yourself from the 1,000 other…website design studio? Reiki Healers? Web Designers? Life Coaches? Artist? (Fill in the blank.)

The business especially big business who make their names in the industry are certainly doing something that others do not know, and the secret here, they manage there every department with specialized software like ERP Software they do ERP Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Mapping these things make them different from the crowd, these ERP Softwares help them better organize their businesses and save them plenty of time and energy, which they usually spend on research and innovations.

Have You Ever Seen Madagascar 2?

Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, and their friends board a plane to fly back to New York, but crash land in Africa. To their amazement in Africa, they find more of their kind, like they never knew more of them existed.

Alex the lion is reunited with his family. He has to deal with the challenges of being part of the Pride and to become Alpha lion. It’s also Alex’s job as the upcoming Alpha to fix the draught and save the lives of every animal.

Marty the zebra is facing his own frustrations and challenges because he looks and sounds exactly like every other Zebra in his tribe–and there are hundreds of them! This devastates Marty because in New York he is was known as a unique animal and the “one and only.”

How to Stand out in a Crowded Marketplace

Because of Alex’s and Marty’s challenges, tension evolves in their friendship. They have multiple fights and Alex emotional scars Marty. This battle ends their friendship and Alex seems to not care, which hurts Marty even more.

Alex realizes that he can’t save the animals on his own. He also realizes how much he loves Marty and that Alex was Duffus for hurting their relationship. So Alex decides to make one last stand to apologize and then request his friendship and help.

Alex the lion is standing among hundreds of other Zebras grazing in an open field. He’s looking for his friend, Marty, and delivers a heartfelt speech to the crowd on why Alex needs him and how he’s sorry for being an ass. Once Alex gets to the climax of his speech, he points at one Zebra out of the hundreds crowded together. It’s Marty.

Marty is surprised and thrilled that Alex knew which one was Marty all this time. Marty even asked Alex how he knew. Alex said, “You know what makes you special? They’re white with black stripes. You’re black with white stripes; you’re a dreamer Marty. Always have been. You have great taste in music, and a horrible taste in friends.”

Here’s the entire scene so you get what I’m talking about.

How to Be Black With White Stripes

Alex knew Marty’s heart. He was attracted to his presence. It’s like this deep, inner knowing like how you could pick your child out of a crowd even if you’re blindfolded.

How to Be Black With White Stripes

Your business may look, sound, and act like the thousands of other (fill in the blank) businesses out there, but you’re the only one that is black with white stripes. You have a presence in your heart that is like none other. And it’s that presence that makes you unique and attracts your right clients.

This presence has you standing out in the crowd. This is why your right client will pay the extra money to work with you. This is why your right client will walk a mile further to take classes at your yoga studio. This is why your right client goes to your farmers market rather than a big boxed grocery store.

Doesn’t Marketing Attract Your Right Clients?

Marketing talks to the Ego. This is important to help create safety so people are not scared of your love and want to step into your business. But the presence in your heart is what your right clients are thirsting for. They want your care, your generosity, your service, your humility, your uniqueness, your community, your truth, and all of your faults. They want to be part of something. They want the real you.

We have forgotten how to be human beings. It’s covered up with assumptions, beliefs, judgments, anger, and walls. If you can unlearn what you have learned since birth, the right people will love and support your business.

Polish the Heart

What a weight on your shoulders: unlearn what you have learned since birth. It’s not so hard, and it can happen in an instant. This means doing a spiritual practice or a mindfulness practice to shed the layers of the Self (also known as the ego, the mind, etc.).

Imagine there’s an energy field surrounding you. This energy field is established and projected from your heart. It’s like a beam shooting out of your heart and forming a protective bubble around you. The more polished the heart, the clearer it is; therefore, your energy field is stronger and able to project further affecting more of the world.

People want to taste and experience your presence. Because your unmasked presence shares the depth of being, the depth of profound love. We crave it. That’s the real reason I want to work with you. That’s why I will tell my friends about your service. That’s why you fell in love with your partner. And that’s why you grieve when you have lost, because that presence has burnt out. (Spiritually, “presence” cannot be destroyed. The conduit can be destroyed, but presence will transmute into something else.)

How to Polish Your Heart and Be Mindful

Any practice that relinquishes attachment to the objects of consciousness arising every moment polishes your heart and cultivates mindfulness. It doesn’t have to be “spiritual” or “religious,” but it has to be meditative. I love traditional zazen. I also do Vinyasa Yoga, Voice Dialogue, and RUH.

What resonates with you? More importantly, are you consistent with your practice?

When I first started, I invested five minutes every day to zazen. The next week I did 10 minutes every day. Then I did 20 minutes. And then I did 30 minutes.

It doesn’t matter how long, what matters is that you do it. Start small and build up to larger chunks of time.

When I teach my clients, at the beginning of each session I lead a guided mindfulness practice. I have recorded that practice below. Listen to it. Follow my guidance. Download that practice and make it yours. This will polish your heart and cultivate mindfulness.

Download the Mindfulness Meditation. Listen to it while following my guidance.

Your business may look, sound, and act like the thousands of other (fill in blank) businesses out there, but you’re the only one that is black with white stripes. You have a presence in your heart that is like none other. And it’s that presence that makes you unique and attracts your right clients.

Marketing is important, it talks to the Ego so people are not scared of your love. But it’s your presence and love that your right clients crave. How can you polish your heart to make that love available? What’s your favorite way to open your heart? I gave you my mindfulness meditation and you’re welcomed to use that.

How to Get to the Next Level in Your Business?

You might be thinking about getting some hands-on help with your business. Whether you are new in business, or if you’re beyond start-up, we face the same truth: your to-do list runs for miles out the door. Which ideas and opportunities should you pick? How do you prioritize them?

I spoke with a friend who hit a ceiling with her business. Should she blog? Fix her website? Start networking? Get her newsletter going? Work on her client service? Those were some of the questions she had. Which ones to tackle first? She’s facing a lot of ideas and opportunities, but she overwhelmed and cannot see the forward.

If you’re thinking of getting support, and if you’re business has hit a dead-end, why not try ERP Project Management. You’ll learn exactly where your business is and you’ll clearly see the best way forward. This truth and clarity will ease the overwhelm and give you a roadmap of the opportunities and projects you need to be doing to reach your goals.

The Importance of SVG Graphics for Woodworking

The Importance of SVG Graphics for Woodworking

First things first, SVG is the abbreviation of the term Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG is a special file that allows someone to disclose vector images on your site.  With this, one can gauge an SVG image without harming the quality. This action makes the file a good alternative responsive web design which can be very beneficial in woodworking. Learn how to create SVG image at

Why Should you Consider Embracing SVG Files for Woodworking

Scalability and responsiveness are very necessary when it comes to providing your users with an optimal ordeal. The quality depends on the type of device, display resolutions, and the size of the screen.

At a glance, some images and symbols may appear fine but once the user starts zooming in images become blurry in absence of SVG.

1.  SEO- Friendly

Here keywords and descriptions are allowed and can easily be recognised by search engines. This is because the images here are interpreted thanks to the XML files.

2.  Editable

Just like changing a word in a text or coordinates, editing on an SVG file is as easy as ABC. One can also use other editing software like coral, sketch and adobe illustrator.  SVG image is proving very useful in woodworking business, as you can design a sketch on small screen and then give for printing it on large tracing paper, with the help of tracing paper you can carve amazing designs on wood. learn more about carpentry business by clicking here

3.  Scalability

The main advantage is that unlike rasta images, SVG images can be scaled to any dimension without harming the quality, and that is very useful in making design on wood with the help of tracing, making tracing for feature walls for living room. They are resolution-independent. On the other hand, Rasta images easily lose their quality or resolution once adjusted.

The Importance of SVG Graphics for Woodworking

Rasta images have small pixels that when forced to enlarge or expand they cause the distortion of the images.

4.  Compact File-size

Here pixel images are saved on large forms from the beginning because the quality is only retained when the images are smaller as compared to when it is big. These in return affect the downloading speed. SVG is scalable, this enables them to be saved in the least file sizes.

5.  Interactive

Hyperlinks and animation can also be included. This can be done by styling as well as scripting.

6.  SVGs Have Navigable DOM

Since SVG is saved as a separate file by the browser, the DOM is placed inside. This feature is very crucial for it enables one to draw an image of any size.

7.  Gives Room for Creativity

With the help of Ids and class names, one can create different facets on SVG with slightly different properties that are commonly used. For example, instead of using colour one can use fill and stroke instead of borders. However, some rules govern creativity in SVG. It mainly depends on how someone uses the page.

8.  Smart Options

SVG is a crucial tool in displaying vector-based images. Moreover, this technique is compatible with other smart options like Javascript. This makes it more dynamic, unlike other rasta images. An example is the use of animation makes this technique effective and more popular in terms of improving interaction and interest on a website.


As you zoom into an image, it’s quality on the display should also increase. Even though rasta images are more preferred because of the deep colours that it portrays, SVG’s are perfect for woodworking because it’s the best in terms of logo, graphs and icons portraits or drawing.

Why You Need A Website For Your Carpentry Business

Why You Need A Website For Your Carpentry Business

Carpentry is among the oldest types of professions. Its evolution has made it one of the most needed skills on the globe. When you take a look around, you won’t lack a piece of the woodwork like a beautiful wooden coffee table placed somewhere. This means that carpentry is a skill that is high on demand. It is because of the rise in demand that you need a strategy that will make your carpentry business more prosperous and well-known.

Do you see all those successful businesses that you read and see on big screens? Most of them made it big thanks to website design. This article is all about opening your eyes to see all the success that awaits you if you use a website and email marketing  as a source of spreading the info that to your customers.

Connect Your Carpentry Business with the Whole World

Imagine receiving international calls, emails or even visits inquiring or even commending about the services that you offer. A website is the best tool that you can use to connect your carpentry business to the world. By just a touch or a click of a button anybody anywhere can get in touch with you, as test case take GM Carpenters in Ireland is using a good web designed, that seems to be designed  by professionals that equally works well on all devices, they are also using email marketing as a source of spreading the info to their potential customers.

The world has change a lot from the last few decades, now any successful business need to display its skills to its customers and potential customers through some online source, and best source is to display your skills through web site, and reach to your customers at there door step by email marketing.

On the website, you can add the location of your business by using a map locator, it called as GMB, learn more about GMB at You can also include the following;

  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The working hours

Without a website, your carpentry business can’t connect with the world.

Why You Need A Website For Your Carpentry Business

A Website Offers the Best Customer Service

It can be stressful and frustrating for one to keep track of every customer’s inquiry, appointment, and even complaints in carpentry. However, using a website as your business platform you can mange all this very easily and can answer customers quest with a FAQ page. This page on the website will direct all the customer’s problems to the solutions.

Once you create a website, all the carpentry services that you have to offer will be a click away from your clients and customers. They will be able to schedule appointments, leave comments and suggestions. On the other hand, instead of waiting for days or leaving a voice message, you will be able to respond to all your customer’s needs directly.

Builds Trust Between You and Your Customers

Creating a website for business purposes is not something that one can do for fun or hobby. If a business person decides to use a website as his or her marketing strategy, this shows seriousness and commitment. Marketing your carpentry business through a website is a way of winning points from your customers. They will feel your commitment and dedication to the business and in return, it will lead to a foundation built on trust. Your customers will trust your business ideas and services.learn more ways of promoting your business by clicking here

It is the Most Economical Ways to Advertise your Business

Advertising a carpentry business can be costly and time-consuming. However, when you use a website your carpentry services can reach a lot of people at a very low price. All you need to do is connect your to search engines. The engines will be in charge of promoting your business quickly and permanently. You can also create an Ad campaign with pictures and images of types of carpentry services that you order. Advertising your business via a website saves you money in terms of publishing handouts.

Bottom Line

Imagine having a platform that allows you to tell the whole world all about what your carpentry business has to offer. A website is a perfect tool that you need to take your business to prosperity and success.

Why E Mail Marketing is important for web design Ireland?

Why E Mail Marketing is important for web design Ireland

In todays world where every thing is going online, people want to buy and sell things from the comfort of of there homes, banks are going online, they are providing more and more secure methods of transactions. PayPal, Skrill and payoneer are already providing secure method of transactions.

Seeing this opportunity many small business can now work from the remote area where they can just make a where house, display there products through website or through Once business have displayed there products only need to market it either to advertisement, word of mouth, Google Ads or through Email marketing.

Email marketing is the cheapest source of reaching to your customer at there doorstep, you can do the email marketing yourself in the start and once your business is establish you can hire the virtual assistant at very cheap price, who will handle your email marketing or you can outsource this part.

Cliqued Media is the company who can help you with all your business requirement needs under one umbrella, they are providing services like Wed Designing, Email marketing and search engine optimization.  They helped several  small businesses in becoming beg tycoons.

With more consumers buying online in age of Pandemic , it is fast becoming the most preferred strategy of many web designers Ireland and organisations, read more about Pandemic  and the role of Website at

What Is E Mail Marketing?

E Mail marketing is an online marketing strategy that targets prospective customers like web designers ireland website hosting Ireland etc, with business content via e mail, in order to sell a product or service.

It is used extensively in both B2B and B2C marketing.

Marketing Objectives Web Designers Ireland

Basic marketing objectives for e mail marketing are:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To create and build brand loyalty
  • To convert loyalty into sales

E mail marketing can also drive short-term tactics and is used for promotional support, undertaking research, newsletters and the like.

Why E Mail Marketing is important for web design Ireland

Benefits Of E Mail Marketing

  • It costs less – costs are generally lower than for alternative marketing channels, except that specialist software is required for automation, tracking and evaluating, read more about marketing channels by clicking here
  • Content is targeted and personalised – content can be aimed directly at those who have an interest in the product or brand like web design in Ireland, website hosting ireland.
  • It drives revenue and sales – consumers can act immediately and purchase at the click of a button.
  • It generates website traffice mail marketing drives traffic to your website for brand information and conversion, a study conducted by web designers Ireland in 2020 revealed when email marketing is done correctly it can give you leads and customers.

Lets suppose you send 100 emails and out of these 100 email 5 people respond to your email it means 5% success which is very good as per SEO efforts.

Criteria For Success

Do it incorrectly and potential customers will view your content as spam (junk mail)!

  • Use relevant content – if you want to avoid the junk mail bin, then feature content that is interesting and relevant to your target audience.
  • Keep it legal – EU law protects personal data and people’s privacy. Get your e mail lists from credible sources and use the opt-in process.
  • Use customer segmentation – as your mailing list grows larger you will need to segment customers into homogeneous groups, based on demographics and lifestyle choices. This will guide the content for individual group e mails.
  • Optimise deliverability – the quality of content will determine if your mail becomes junk mail. Make your e mails spam-free, keep your mailing list up to date and include the option to unsubscribe.
  • Reflect your brand image – brand image is strongly influenced by visual design. Make sure that your e mails are designed to reflect the brand and its values.
  • Personalise your e mails – this makes people feel special. Use first names, make content relevant to individuals and mail them at appropriate times.

Inflatable Spas

Inflatable Spas

It’s summertime again and everybody is looking forward to the beach or backwaters with their friends and family. Inflatable spas are one of the best ways to have fun at the beach. They give you the same ambiance as a real spa including heated floors, massaging water jets, and more. If you’re interested in purchasing an inflatable hot tub and want to find the best deals, you should shop online.

Types of Inflatable Spas

There are a variety of portable spas for sale – in almost every size and shape you can imagine. One-person hot tubs are smaller versions that provide only room for one person and a couple of chairs or bench seating. Medium-sized portable spas are great for two to four people and larger models that seat five to eight people. There are also inflatable spas for sale that can be installed as a stationary spa or as a portable water feature that can be moved around and used in different areas.

High-Pressure Inflatable spas

Most of the high-pressure inflatable spas for sale have a digital control with a foot pump, there are many marketing companies in Ireland who are promoting these types of spas, but the best one I found to promote this product is Sonous Digital, with the help of this company marketing techniques I sold thousands of spas, you can all visit there site and find the best package that suits you, there are many helpful people who are always willing to help.

You can inflate the unit manually using the pump or by using the remote control. If you choose to use the pump, check that it comes with a hose with a high-pressure nozzle. The hose must be fully attached to the compressor with a high-pressure valve.

High-end inflatable spas

Some of the high-end inflatable spas for sale come with optional extras such as built-in, pre-assembled, or self-supporting spa modules. These additional modules often come with a handheld remote control and interchangeable showerheads. They allow additional users to join the party, enabling you to transform the entire spa into a recreational pool.

Inflatable Spas


A popular choice for portable spas is the “Sarasota”. This portable spa has a front panel that contains three removable heat exchangers for quick heat-up of the entire tub. One of the unique features of this tub is that the heat exchangers can be raised or lowered at will. This means that the user can choose to heat the tub up more quickly, allowing the user to enjoy an even heating effect. This model also features a high-capacity thermostat to give the user the ability to precisely regulate the heat. Other unique features of the Sarasota include a variable speed fan, flip-out seats, and built-in lighting.

If you are looking for a quality inflatable spa pool, the “Dewalt” models may be the right choice. These portable pools are made of durable cast aluminum and feature an easy to clean, stable construction. These portable pools are great for those who like the look of a traditional above-ground swimming pool but prefer an inflatable spa pool.

Another choice for portable spas is the “Davina” brand. These hot tubs provide the same quality and value as other inflatable spas but can be transported by simply folding or tripping the lid. This style of hot tub is very easy to fill and can hold up to ten gallons of water. In addition to this, the Davina hot tubs are great for use indoors and feature a dual heater system that allows for both steam and regular heat.

The “Hydroslide” brand is a great portable option for those on a budget. These portable hot tubs can be easily inflated with the use of a pump and feature all of the features of other inflatable spas. Some of these features include built in seating and a removable heat tank. Most of the Hydroslide models come standard with a dual heat setting and come with a deluxe heater to compliment the comfort level. Once inflated, portable spas should take anywhere from two to four hours to fill completely.