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Inflatable Spas

Inflatable Spas

It’s summertime again and everybody is looking forward to the beach or backwaters with their friends and family. Inflatable spas are one of the best ways to have fun at the beach. They give you the same ambiance as a real spa including heated floors, massaging water jets, and more. If you’re interested in purchasing an inflatable hot tub and want to find the best deals, you should shop online.

Types of Inflatable Spas

There are a variety of portable spas for sale – in almost every size and shape you can imagine. One-person hot tubs are smaller versions that provide only room for one person and a couple of chairs or bench seating. Medium-sized portable spas are great for two to four people and larger models that seat five to eight people. There are also inflatable spas for sale that can be installed as a stationary spa or as a portable water feature that can be moved around and used in different areas.

High-Pressure Inflatable spas

Most of the high-pressure inflatable spas for sale have a digital control with a foot pump, there are many marketing companies in Ireland who are promoting these types of spas, but the best one I found to promote this product is Sonous Digital, with the help of this company marketing techniques I sold thousands of spas, you can all visit there site and find the best package that suits you, there are many helpful people who are always willing to help.

You can inflate the unit manually using the pump or by using the remote control. If you choose to use the pump, check that it comes with a hose with a high-pressure nozzle. The hose must be fully attached to the compressor with a high-pressure valve.

High-end inflatable spas

Some of the high-end inflatable spas for sale come with optional extras such as built-in, pre-assembled, or self-supporting spa modules. These additional modules often come with a handheld remote control and interchangeable showerheads. They allow additional users to join the party, enabling you to transform the entire spa into a recreational pool.

Inflatable Spas


A popular choice for portable spas is the “Sarasota”. This portable spa has a front panel that contains three removable heat exchangers for quick heat-up of the entire tub. One of the unique features of this tub is that the heat exchangers can be raised or lowered at will. This means that the user can choose to heat the tub up more quickly, allowing the user to enjoy an even heating effect. This model also features a high-capacity thermostat to give the user the ability to precisely regulate the heat. Other unique features of the Sarasota include a variable speed fan, flip-out seats, and built-in lighting.

If you are looking for a quality inflatable spa pool, the “Dewalt” models may be the right choice. These portable pools are made of durable cast aluminum and feature an easy to clean, stable construction. These portable pools are great for those who like the look of a traditional above-ground swimming pool but prefer an inflatable spa pool.

Another choice for portable spas is the “Davina” brand. These hot tubs provide the same quality and value as other inflatable spas but can be transported by simply folding or tripping the lid. This style of hot tub is very easy to fill and can hold up to ten gallons of water. In addition to this, the Davina hot tubs are great for use indoors and feature a dual heater system that allows for both steam and regular heat.

The “Hydroslide” brand is a great portable option for those on a budget. These portable hot tubs can be easily inflated with the use of a pump and feature all of the features of other inflatable spas. Some of these features include built in seating and a removable heat tank. Most of the Hydroslide models come standard with a dual heat setting and come with a deluxe heater to compliment the comfort level. Once inflated, portable spas should take anywhere from two to four hours to fill completely.